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Late night design experiments while listening to Metallica.

Anonymous do u live alone? if you do would you recommend it? what are some of the perks + downfalls for living alone? thanks ! Xx

I have roommates, so I don’t know how it is like living alone.

Anonymous Are you fluent in jap as well as read/write all kanji ?

I am originally from japan, so YES! I am not fluent in English though.

Anonymous Hi angel just wondering how iou keep your skin so flawless and stay so fit? Best wishes xx

Umm I don’t do anything special. Probably I got good genes from my parents. Oh I don’t eat junk food, deep fried stuff and chocolates. Maybe it helps my skin look good! :)

paultrapani Are you a model based in san francisco? with an agency?

Yes I am based in San Francisco, but I am not with an agency. I model whenever people need me!haha if you are in California, let’s shoot! :)


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